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Ghost Stories
Dear watchers,
Long time no see. Sorry I've been gone for so long, but I have an idea for something I need your guys help with; real ghost/paranormal stories. I wanna post them here on dA. If you or someone you know has a ghost/paranormal story you wanna share, email it to me at with the story, you giving me permission to publish it here on dA, and your username so I can give you credit. Thanks for your help! Also make sure to provide the link to your dA page so I can leave it in the description
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The Twig by The-Pawn-Of-Hades The Twig :iconthe-pawn-of-hades:The-Pawn-Of-Hades 2 0 The Tree and The Lake by The-Pawn-Of-Hades The Tree and The Lake :iconthe-pawn-of-hades:The-Pawn-Of-Hades 4 0 The Island In The Lake by The-Pawn-Of-Hades The Island In The Lake :iconthe-pawn-of-hades:The-Pawn-Of-Hades 3 0
How We Met
I remember the first time I saw her. It was quite a few months before I asked her out. I think the weather was starting to hint that winter was coming. I saw her that day in the library; she was looking at some books that, from what I had seen, appeared to be books on the ocean and marine biology. I was surprised at just how beautiful she was. I wanted to talk to her, but of course I was too nervous.
I hadn’t seen her for a good few weeks after. I guess maybe I just didn’t notice her for some ungodly reason. The next time I saw her was one morning in late November before class. This time I had gotten a much better look at her. She was even more beautiful than I remembered from the last time. I caught myself staring at her while my mouth was agape. I immediately closed my mouth and went on my way to the library (she was by the main entrance to the school).
As the days went on, I found myself thinking about her more and more. I saw her more frequently. One reason why I didn
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Untitled Poem
When I see her, my heart feels like it’s full of butterflies.
When I kiss her, I feel all of my troubles going away.
When I hold her, I’m the happiest person alive.
When I cuddle her, I feel like laying there forever.
When she says my name, all doubt leaves my mind.
When she smiles, I feel like I’m in heaven.
When she cries…it kills me.
When she’s sad…it makes me want to die.
When someone upsets her, I want to comfort her.
She is the one I want to protect,
She is the one I want to save from the evils.
What evils?
The evils that plague humanity.
Why do I want to do this?
Because I love her.
She’s the one;
She’s the one I wish to spend the rest of my days with.
I love her, and only her.
I will forever and always.
:iconthe-pawn-of-hades:The-Pawn-Of-Hades 1 1
Setting Sun by The-Pawn-Of-Hades Setting Sun :iconthe-pawn-of-hades:The-Pawn-Of-Hades 5 2
The Flow of Time
So complex,
Yet so simple.
It flows fluidly,
As of it were a river,
A river that goes uninterrupted.
A river cannot be reversed,
Neither can time.
Both rivers and time,
They flow in one direction,
There is no reversing the flow of time.
Once something happens,
It is set in time.
In time it may be forgotten,
But never undone.
:iconthe-pawn-of-hades:The-Pawn-Of-Hades 3 2
Heaven On Earth
Her Beauty,
It is immeasurable.
I am lucky
To be able to call her my girlfriend.
I love her.
To be with her,
Is to experience bliss.
To cuddle her,
Is heaven.
To be apart from her,
is torturous.
To see her cry,
Is worse than hell.
She is the love of my life,
I need her.
She gives my heart a beat,
She gives my world light,
She gives me reason,
Reason to live.
:iconthe-pawn-of-hades:The-Pawn-Of-Hades 3 0
Can I?
Can I?
I don’t know if I can.
Is it even possible?
What if it isn’t?
What if I’m just wasting time?
Then it’d be all for nothing.
I can’t have that again.
Please don’t let me do it,
Not this time at least.
I beg of you,
Let me do it when I know I can.
You ask when that will be,
The truth is I don’t know.
I have never known,
And I likely never will.
:iconthe-pawn-of-hades:The-Pawn-Of-Hades 1 0
Friends Are...Interesting
It’s interesting what people can do to you, really. I mean, you have those who claim to be your friend but you never see and hardly ever text you, there are those who see and hang out with almost every day. The funny thing is sometimes there’s that one friend who is faking it. It’s hard to tell who these are on occasion, yet, the slightest actions can expose the fakes. Now I’m not saying that you have to start accusing your friends of using you, but you have to be aware of whom your real friends are. If you don’t, it might end up screwing you over in the end, leaving you with nothing, no one to talk to. Trust me; no one wants to be alone. It’s miserable; you eventually start to think that there’s no way out. It’s different for almost everyone, but you may end up becoming depressed. The severity of the depression? Well…again, it’s different from person to person, but it’s still a possibility. Be wary, keep an eye out. May
:iconthe-pawn-of-hades:The-Pawn-Of-Hades 2 0
What are they?
What do they mean?
How are you sure if they’re friends or not?
People call me their friends,
But they don’t try.
They don’t try
To maintain the friendship.
Why do they do this?
Why can’t I just have regular friends?
Friends that I can hang out with,
That I can laugh with,
That I can talk seriously with if I need them.
Friends I make
Just seem to wear off after a while.
Why is this?
Why do they leave?
Did I offend them?
Or do something to annoy them?
If I did,
I’m sorry.
I’m so severely sorry.
I didn’t mean to.
Just come back.
I need you,
More than you think.
I just can’t tell you in person,
Only in the way I know how.
:iconthe-pawn-of-hades:The-Pawn-Of-Hades 2 1
Some Random Rant
I never could explain some of the things I did; I just did them because it felt like the natural choice. I know how that sounds, but it’s how I am, it’s how I always was, and it’s how I shall continue to be despite what people want of me. What I do, want, and need are likely to be different than what society wants me to do, want and need. If I get rejected for this simple fact, then so be it; it will just go to show just how much society dislikes difference in the routine and that they are more willing to neglect, and even kill off members of their own species in mass numbers rather than continuing to allow them to co-exist. It’s pathetic, really. How would someone act if I were, say, of First Nations descent, Jewish, or Tutsi or Hutu? Would they continue to discriminate because of what happened to my people in the past, or would they be falsely sympathetic towards me? Quite honestly, I would much rather take the honest discrimination over someone lying through
:iconthe-pawn-of-hades:The-Pawn-Of-Hades 1 0
Don't Stop.
Such a fragile thing, it is.
It can appear at a moment’s notice
Just as easily,
It can disappear,
In a single heartbeat.
Take care of the life you have,
It can end at any moment.
Do not forget
That there are people needing you,
Even more than you may realize.
Don’t let it end so soon,
So easily.
Things can change,
Hopefully for the better.
But that is up to you.
If you need help,
Look around.
There should be someone that can help you.
Anyone that deeply cares about you.
Be strong.
Do not give up.
Not now,
Not at all!
:iconthe-pawn-of-hades:The-Pawn-Of-Hades 4 2
Please Talk
How can I help?
Help make you realize your worth.
You always put yourself down,
You always give up,
And you never truly try.
Why is that?
You know you’re talented,
You know you have people supporting you,
People that you can talk to.
You always listen,
But you never talk.
Why is that?
Don’t you trust me?
Don’t be like that,
I've always been there for you,
For the good times,
And the rough moments.
If you’re going through hell,
You can tell me.
I’m willing to help you,
We can go through hell together.
It’s what friends are for after all,
Is it not?
Stop acting so tough,
And keeping things inside.
Eventually you are going to break,
Like a glass bottle after it was dropped.
It’s okay to spill,
And to let it out.
Do it before it becomes too much,
Before you slip,
And break.
I know that it has nearly happened before.
I was there,
Watching from afar.
I didn't alert you to my presence,
Because I know you would never forgive me
No matter what I di
:iconthe-pawn-of-hades:The-Pawn-Of-Hades 4 1


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Dear watchers,

Long time no see. Sorry I've been gone for so long, but I have an idea for something I need your guys help with; real ghost/paranormal stories. I wanna post them here on dA. If you or someone you know has a ghost/paranormal story you wanna share, email it to me at with the story, you giving me permission to publish it here on dA, and your username so I can give you credit. Thanks for your help! Also make sure to provide the link to your dA page so I can leave it in the description
Depression isn't fun. It never has been. It can make you think things. Your emotions can either be null and numb, or be all over the place. It hurts to see those you love go through it. It hurts even more to go through it. Many people believe that depression can affect only certain people. No, not true. It can affect anyone, anywhere, at any time. Everyone has a different reason for having it, whether it be the loss of a loved one, issues with your social life, etc. Depression varies in length; from a few months to God knows how long. Myself? A good while, I'd rather not say. When it comes to depression and getting over it, it depends on the situation, as well as the individual. I...I was lonely and in a long need of love, and not from a brother or sister. I found what I was looking for...or rather who. Anyway, everyone needs something different to get them through to the other side, what they need depends, again, on what put them into depression. I'm not claiming to be an expert on depression, but if you need someone to talk to, please do not be hesitant to talk to me about it.


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